Goodbye, micromanaging bride: How a Latin exam helped me calm down for the wedding day

As the day of the exam approached, Professor Rigg sat us down and told us that the day before the exam, we should not open our books. We should have a good dinner and get a full night's sleep. "There is nothing you can do in the last twenty-four hours that will change how well you do on the exam," he said. "By the time you've reached that point, either you know Latin well enough to succeed, or you don't. No amount of cramming will help you." The point of this long metaphor is that this has been my attitude towards wedding planning…


Amber & Marshall's faerie-infused Renaissance wedding

Turkey legs, jousts, games, wench-y corsets, and a golden rose ceremony: sounds like a Renaissance festival wedding for the ages. And then add in the blessing from the king and queen, the adorable mini-chapel, and the tree-climbing uncle-with-a-camera, and you've got a wedding that'll melt any garb-wearing Renny around.


Joni & Jeremy's medieval handfasting and archery wedding

Pink hair, custom medieval dress, and goblets of mead? I think we've got ourselves an awesome Dutch/English bilingual handfasting! Add in a rad archery session, lots of fantasy and medieval garb, and a fairy tale retelling of the couple's love story, and you'll never want to travel back to the present day.