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A curious masquerade wedding of oddities and glamour as seen on @offbeatbride

A curious masquerade wedding of oddities and glamour

The theme started out as just “masquerade,” as I’ve always wanted to have or attend a masquerade ball, but as we began to brainstorm ideas, we started working bits of ourselves into the details. My husband and I have a large collection of antiques and oddities, and we ended up incorporating different pieces from our home into each of the centerpieces and the decor. Thus, “The Curious Masquerade” was born. Maps, medical models, scientific instruments, antique candelabras, and other various things all got (carefully!) flora-fied and bedecked.

Forest masquerade wedding as seen on @offbeatbride #canada #wedding

Rock ‘n’ roll meets forest fairy magic at this Canadian masquerade wedding

Just wait until you see the explosion of killer style at Jocelyn and Julian’s wedding at Devonian Gardens in Calgary: the bride’s undercut style with green highlights (that match her green cape!), her grey gradient dress with silver corset by [heart link=""]KMKDesigns[/heart], the groom’s matching grey suit, the masquerade theme, and the “I just want you” cake topper. It’s a Canadian masquerade wedding that is making our lives.

Masquerade wedding as seen on @offbeatbride #wedding #masquerade

This masquerade dragon wedding satisfies your inner khaleesi AND Disney princess

We’re celebrating the release of Game of Thrones season six this week by featuring Andrew and Nicki’s kick-ass masquerade dragon wedding. It was a combination of Disney, masquerade, renaissance, and fantasy and it made our geek-loving day. Don’t miss the castle backdrop at the reception, the dragon cake, the bride’s blue gown, and the groom’s hobbit hole cake. Channel your inner khaleesi and Disney princess for this masquerade dragon wedding fabulousness.

Woodland masquerade wedding as seen on @offbeatbride #halloween #woodland #weddings

A woodland Halloween wedding unlike we’ve EVER seen

Gabby and Philip planned a seriously unexpected Halloween wedding: a woodland Halloween wedding complete with nature-inspired masquerade decor. It’s Halloween, but totally natural, floral, and organic. The bride was a woodland faerie and the groom a tree king. Swoon. You’re absolutely going to want to see the log cake, the pumpkin and gourd decor, and the jester who entertained the guests during the reception.

18 costume weddings that totally nailed it

It’s getting to be that time of year again: Halloween wedding season! We can always count on seeing loads of weddings where guests are encouraged to come in costume. Because, seriously, costumes always amp up the fun factor. Here are 18 weddings that totally get it right when it comes to rocking the costumes.

Renée Marie & Justin’s tiny masquerade wedding

This wedding took a sharp turn when an unexpected and tragic loss occurred. But through it all, this pair planned one of the loveliest weddings we’ve seen, with sunset views, organic and beautiful masks, and an evening candle ceremony. It may have been a bittersweet day, but they made it as sweet as could be.