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Welcome foolish mortals to the masquerade wedding that slayed all

Welcome foolish mortals to the masquerade wedding that slayed all

Let’s join these two handsome men, their crew of groomsmaids, some Haunted Mansion references, a whole bunch of gorgeous Halloween-inspired decor, tarot card table themes, and some AMAZING theater references (including the Carrie musical!). This masquerade wedding hurts us so good. Do not miss the ceremony that featured a love spell!

This Labyrinth themed wedding of two ladies is already a cult classic with us

This Labyrinth wedding of two ladies is already a cult classic with us

Emma and Rebecca’s Labyrinth wedding took place in Mesnes Park in Wigan, UK. From the music (Magic Dance!) to the costumes (just wait until you see the goblins and fireys and Bowie makeup) to the amazing worm cake (come inside and meet the missus!), this was an homage to the cult classic the likes of which we have never seen.

These are the weirdest and best Halloween wedding items we could find

These are the weirdest and coolest Halloween wedding items we could find

This is Halloween, ya’ll, so we went on the hunt for the weirdest, most awesome, most unexpected, and coolest Halloween wedding items we could find on the interwebs. We’ve got weird hats, pumpkin teeth for all those carved pumpkins, skeleton body suits, black diamond fang rings, Halloween movie items, Halloween favor ideas… it’s wild up in here.

If you’re stocking up for your Halloween wedding next year or just need some killer decor for your house, this list will be your jam. Let’s go shopping, witches.

A gas mask-erade wedding fit for the impending zombie apocalypse

James and Ashley are Halloween fiends, so this Halloween wedding with gas masks, a zombie cake, and Beetlejuice ring hand gave us chills in ALL the best ways. Don’t miss Ashley’s short and sweet Halloween-inspired dress, the zombie hand holding the rings, the orange and purple accents everywhere, the pumpkin cufflinks, and the masquerade masks and gas masks… making this a total mask-erade wedding.

Ashley hand-painted the cake toppers on their spider web Halloween cake to include their zombie pooch. Are you ready to see this killer zombie gas mask-erade wedding?! We are, too…

Find the killer at this murder mystery wedding with 3 Gothic themes

To say this was an elaborate Halloween gothic-themed wedding would be an understatement. You’ll dig ALL of these details. They started off the weekend with an interactive film noir murder mystery party, had a twilight horse and carriage ride after the cemetery ceremony, and had THREE gothic themes for their seriously killer reception. Think Victorian Gothic, Spanish Gothic, and American Gothic. You don’t want to miss this one…

Sea-inspired wedding meets masquerade

Rubber ducks and blue hair: we love this sea-inspired wedding meets masquerade

Rachel and Rial love whimsy and some of their memories are of enjoying the ocean together, so naturally, their wedding had a sea-inspired wedding meets masquerade. Their wedding showcased the most vibrant colors for hair, bouquets (made by Rachel), wedding party attire, elaborate masks, sea glass, and even rubber duckies for party favors because they are one of Rial’s favorite things. Oh, and the rubber ducky cake toppers were hand painted to match their hair and attire of the couple. You’ll love the groom’s vows on bended knee!