Andrell & Aaron's Padme and Anakin Star Wars wedding

This week we're celebrating our sci-fi-loving, fantasy-squeeing, and comic book-collecting couples. Today's wedding features a full-on Star Wars Halloween theme including lake dress Padme and Dark Anakin. There's lots of lightsaber fun (including the cake cutters!) and even some Jawas escorting the bride.


A courthouse wedding with a bed and breakfast bash

This week we're celebrating intimate weddings with destination elopements, cozy city hall vows, and private romantic ceremonies. It's the warm fuzzies on a smaller scale. Today we've got Lauren and Gretchen, who rocked a private courthouse ceremony and then a bed and breakfast party with lots of friends and family.


Caroline & Aimee's three-day lesbian movie theatre wedding

Their first date was at a theatre and their wedding was held in that same place. D'aww! These two ladies are social butterflies since they had their son, and the sheer amount of people wanting to show their love meant they had to plan for it — in the form of a three-day celebration!