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Romance in marriage

In which our managing editor Megan explores her thoughts and fears about marriage, her husband, romance (or the lack there of), sex, and love.

Dealing with bullshit, micro-celebrity, and Offbeat Bride Magazine

Ariel answers reader questions like “how do you deal with stress?,” “Will you ever make an Offbeat Bride magazine?” and “What’s your favorite part of being a wife?”

No, he doesn’t wear a ring

Where-in Megan gets outraged by a close-minded tweet and defends her position on why her husband doesn’t wear a ring and why it’s really okay.

Fear mongering & you’ll seeeee

During wedding planning, we tell each other a lot of scary stories, which all too often become fear mongering. It’s sort of a pre-emptive commiseration — an anticipatory sing-song of Oh, you’ll seeeee….

How my cat taught me marriage isn’t so scary after all

As I watched my cat spew what seemed like a quarter pound of half-digested tuna/chicken feast all over one of my favorite sweaters, a pathetic realization came over me: My relationship with my future husband is like my relationship to the cat …

So, how’s married life?

One bride named Sarah got asked this question so many times, that she finally just took this self portrait as an easy answer.