Question: "So how's it feel being married?" Answer: The same as before, but now it's in 3D

Yesterday was hubby's and my 7th month anniversary. (If we kept track of those things. It usually ends up, "Hey! It was our monthiversary yesterday!" "Yay us!") I got a chance to reflect on marriageness as opposed to weddingness. Which is good because we're constantly asked by people "So how's it feel being married?" and while our standard answer is "Pretty much the same, but with jewelry", that isn't quite right.


Musings of an almost not-bride

I won't be an Offbeat Bride soon. In fact, I won't be any kind of bride, because in a month I'll be married. And for some reason, that's making me sad. I don't want to get into the whole "you should be planning for the marriage not the wedding!" or the politics of wedding vs. marital energy/time/money expenditure. I get that, I assure you. I want to acknowledge what an important and huge part of my life and identity being a bride and having a wedding has been for me, and I'm sure for you too. I want to share this journey, and who I am and have become.