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Go to bed angry: Unpopular but realistic marriage advice

I never saw an article titled, "How To Deal With The Crappy Parts Of Marriage As Well As Unrealistic Expectations Of Society." So, I came up with my own marriage advice that maybe doesn't make you say, "Awwww!", but later on down the line, after the wedding high descends, might make you feel stronger.


Farts are still funny: what I learned from my parents' 30-year marriage

When I think about what I want from a marriage, from Mr Squirrel as a husband, and the kind of wife I want to be for him, I think naturally of the marriage I have observed the most — my parents. They had a short courtship and a long marriage, it has not always been easy but they have stuck together for over thirty years. The best things they have taught me about marriage are these…


Let's re-write our notions about what defines a wedding!

The wedding ceremony and the following reception seem to be the last social events in our country to change even in the slightest. If you dare to ask what the big deal is about a white dress, people will ask you why you'd want to look like a harlot. If you suggest having canolis for dessert and skipping the cake-cutting ceremony, people will balk as if you've just asked your guests to eat their own toenails. You don't want a bridal party either? Well apparently you have no friends and no respect for tradition. It’s clear that when you deviate from the preordained structure of a “classic” wedding, you’re a rebel, a renegade, an outlaw.


The 18 minutes that changed my life

"Almost as soon as we were pronounced husband and wife, I felt my trust and my investment in our relationship deepen — something I didn't even know was possible, given how deep is was to begin with… Getting married is a huge decision and commitment, but it was the easiest one I've ever made. That eighteen-minute ceremony, and the life that has been following after it, have truly made me a happier and more complete person."