Tough conversations about marriage: why a ring isn't enough

Recently, an old friend of mine decided to have a non-legal commitment ceremony… a commitzvah, they called it. For various reasons, she and her dude decided they didn't want to legally get married, but you know what they did instead? They sat down with a lawyer, and had some really, really difficult conversations and worked out a legally-binding commitment agreement. Conversations about money. Conversations about children and aging parents. Conversations about fidelity and divorce. Realistically, because they opted to build their legally-binding commitment from scratch, they had conversations that many of us planning state-recognized marriages don't have.


Lewd jokes & late nights: How to redefine what "married lady" means

I still don't think it has sunk in that I'm married. People say I am a wife now, and suddenly everyone is treating me differently and I don't like it. I love the idea of being married. I love calling him my husband. But now I'm expected to act in a manner that just isn't me… and I hate it. How can I deal with people's expectations about who I am now that I'm married?


Wedding aftermath: the four stages of post-nuptial bliss

We did it! Months of thought and preparation (and probably more stress than there needed to be at times) culminated in our wedding day, and it was fabulous! I've been married for a little over three weeks now, and so far I have experienced four stages of post-wedding existence. Let me tell you what you're in for…


Celebrate ALL your relationships on your wedding anniversary

Each time our anniversary has come around I think about how much I love my husband, but also how much I love all of the people in my life. Because I'm grateful to have him, but it also makes me think how full of gratitude I am to have people who wanted to help us have a great wedding when they could have just gone home.