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Remember your guests’ travels with a push pin map guestbook

We aren’t talking about “pinning” in terms of Pinterest for once. We’re talking an actual push pin map guestbook. Brenna and Dennis had a nifty, thrifty idea for their guestbook: guests placed a pin on a map indicating from where they traveled. This ideas serves two purposes: find out who traveled the farthest, and have a visual keepsake of where all your guests live. Super fun times! Let’s hear from Brenna on the whole scheme.

Kate & Micah’s two families mess with Texas wedding

Two dresses + twenty folks in a Commitment Crew + dance floor debauchery and BBQ bibs = One very Texas wedding. From the flowers in her hair to the fabulous map of where all the guests had traveled from to share the weekend wedding, to the chalkboard menu of amazing Tex-Mex masterpieces, the personal touches in this wedding are some serious eye-candy. Come get your groove on with this self-DJed partay!

A bowler-hatted London wedding with a three-hour tour

Vanessa and Osiris are originally from Venezuela, and now live and work in London. They planned a three-part event around London to show their global guests (from Venezuela to LA and beyond) some gorgeous sights in the place they love. From ceremony to a three hour boat cruise with a cream tea, to rockin’ reception, everything was lovely and sweet and delicious food was everywhere.

Make an envelope from a Google Map

Send your invitation wrapped in a map — make a Google map into the envelope. I love the idea of sending a hope-you’ll-be-here note with a red dot marking the spot. Want to do this yourself? Easy peasy, homies — here’s how.

Bag in the USSR: How to turn an old map into a gift bag

If boxes aren’t your bag, then make a bag! They’re not just for gifts, but wrapping a gift in a pretty bag made from a map is a great way to recycle something old into something new, and maybe even something blue! Here’s how to turn a map into a gift bag.

Tons of paper flower inspiration for your wedding (or paper anniversary!)

Coffee filters, origami, and newsprint all find their way into crafty hands for paper flower bouquets, centerpieces, and decor. If you’re choosing paper flowers over living flora and fauna, there are tons of choices. We’re rounding up our paper magic for your handmade and alternative material inspiration.