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mantilla veil

We love lace or silk mantilla veils and combs! You’ll find pictures of real brides wearing them, plus a few DIY mantilla veil projects here.

Shana & Micah’s Victorian wedding with a dad-moon

Give us a mantilla veil, a mansion filled with light and foliage, a bagpipe anthem at the end of the ceremony, and two lovers who finish each other’s sentences. Oh, and just wait until you see the handmade dad-moon that represented the bride’s father. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Melissa & Robert’s “anchored in love” underwater adventure wedding

This couple likes BioShock 2. A lot. So their wedding had lots of music from the soundtrack, and –of course — had an underwater theme like the game’s underwater city. Totally gamer chic and gorgeous at the same time. Plus sharks. We like sharks.

Vintage snack: a chiffon and embroidered veil bonanza

This week’s wayback machine brings us three photos from a wedding in 1951 chock full of old Hollywood glam, major chiffon layers, bridesmaid Juliet caps, and an awesomely elaborate mantilla veil! Oh to have been at this wedding!

How to make your own mantilla veil

We show you how make your own mantilla veil in eight steps. Or, in this case, a mini mantilla veil. But the instructions would be the same for both. Check it out!

Terri & Sebastian’s spontaneous, intimate European elopement

Terri and Sebastian ditched all the traditional wedding accoutrements for their Spain elopement, and instead treated the day like a fabulous photo shoot. Wait till you see the photos!

Mysi & Craig’s antiquarian librarian meets Tom Collins wedding

The Offbeat Bride: Mysi, Fledgling Photographer (and OBT member “mysi anne“) Her Offbeat Partner: Craig, Photographer, Journalist, Historian, Constant Student Location & date of wedding: Lake Summerset Lodge, on Lake Summerset in Davis, Illinois. My parents have a summer house there and we wanted to honor their favorite place. — 7.11.09 What made our wedding […]