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A frostbitten Canadian park elopement (with bison!)

A frostbitten Canadian national park elopement (with bison!)

Bri and Dale had a whirlwind winter elopement at Riding Mountain National Park, followed by a reception a few months later. Manitoba in February isn't when most people would plan an outdoor wedding, but then they wouldn't get to have snow-covered bison as their special guests!

In defense of STAG and DOE parties

For those not in the know, these parties are a fundraiser for engaged couples. The idea is that attendees pay an admission (usually around $10-$15), and play games that are designed to make some money for the couple getting married (think dollar dances, coin toss games, raffles, etc). Don’t get me wrong, I get how some people may be weirded out by this idea. But I think about it this way…

Kelly & Jacob’s retro carnival wedding

We’ve seen some amazing carnival weddings, but this one may be in contention for the most epic decor ever. We’re talking popcorn, Cracker Jacks, pinwheels, faux flash tattoos, circus-themed centerpieces, a hot dog stand, a huge and gorgeous candy buffet, and a retro circus cage photo booth! It will make you want to hop on a ferris wheel and get hitched, vintage carnival-style.

Candace & Colin’s music-meets-geeky budget Mennonite wedding

The bride was into craftts and music and the groom was a gamer geek — what else was there to do but combine it all into one awesome day? The only problem was a small budget. It’s a good thing these two know how to throw a self-catered bash with cold munchies and a giant sweets table. Oh, and the bride’s mom being talented enough to make a fab wedding dress sure didn’t hurt, either.

Melanie & Justin’s colourful carnival love affair wedding

This couple is known to throw major ragers, and this wedding had to top them all. The order of the day was carnival: popcorn, lemonade, games, candy, and ten confetti canons at the ceremony. It’s weddings like these that make me want to cut out and hit the midway.

Petra & Tahir’s cross-cultural outdoor peacock wedding

Peacock feathers, homemade vanilla syrup, and two ceremonies make me happy. Add in some tree planting, multicultural reception games, lots of henna, and a whole roasted lamb, and it’s a party. Check out this amazing wedding full of rich culture.