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Just because you’re an Offbeat Bride doesn’t mean you don’t want to gossip about wedding day makeup ideas!

Why you can TOTALLY rock dark lipstick at your wedding

“I love dark, bold colors, but everyone keeps telling me that dark lips aren’t a way to go.” No dark lips at weddings?! I forgot that was even a thing way back when. Or is it still now? The only thing I have to say to that is fuck that noise. Dark lips are a thing in life, in photo shoots, and most definitely in weddings. Here’s some primo dark wedding lipstick fodder to show to anyone who balks.

Unicorn tears lipstick

Wait, is this a unicorn tears lipstick?!

You maaaay have noticed that we’re into a serious unicorn binge right now. So when I spied this iridescent lipstick from Too Faced called “Unicorn Tears,” I got a little misty. It’s a sheer, sparkly, blue-y, pink-y lipstick fantasy and I want it.

Let your bridal party “chill the F out” with these gifts from Badgerface

You might remember when I first introduced you to our sponsor Badgerface Beauty Supply, with their bachelorette gifts to melt the hardest of bitches. Well, they’re back! And they’re dropping some bombs on our asses — er, for our asses? Well, for our whole bodies actually — with their line of bath bombs and other rad beauty products…

Badgerface Beauty Supply: bachelorette gifts to “melt the hardest of bitches”

Raise your hand if you’ve been on the receiving end of a seriously lame-ass bachelorette party favor. You know what’s useful and awesome and would make a great bachelorette, or shower, or a general “thank you for busting ass for my wedding” gift? Our sponsor Badgerface Beauty Supply‘s line of cheeky, all-natural bath and beauty products with names like “Chill the Fuck Out” and “Posh Motherpucker.” Check these out…

What’s your wedding makeup plan? Let’s talk shop with Dallas makeup artist Vivienne Vermuth

Vivienne Vermuth is one of our most creative partners. Like super creative, mask-making, body painting, innovating creative. She’s been in the cosmetic industry for over 10 years, and has worked with the cream of the crop: MAC, Clinique, ESTEE Lauder, Sephora, and Trish McEvoy. Her clients are equally rad: Cirque du Soleil, The Toadies, The Burlesque Experience, Dos Equis, and Kellogg… OH and Offbeat Brides! It’s true, you can have illuminating, professional, magic photo-inducing makeup by a stellar pro for your own wedding. No lie. Let’s talk about the virtues of our lovely Vivienne and why you’ll be back for more when you book her.

Why I ignored the magazines and turned to YouTube instead of a makeup artist for my wedding

When we were planning our wedding, one of the bits of advice that I read everywhere was that I should definitely hire a professional to do my hair and make-up. But, while many people feel uncomfortable without makeup, I felt uncomfortable with it. I desperately searched for the right look that would make me feel beautiful and like a bride, but I just couldn’t find it, or that feeling. So I decided that I had time to learn to do it myself…