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Devin & Stephen’s tattoo-inspired, Rock Band wedding

“We are not religious people, so there was no mention of any god in our one minute and twenty-eight second ceremony.”

Danielle & Banger’s gothique, Burton-esque, New Orleans, voodoo, Hallows-Eve, handfasting

Remember when Ariel got all jumpy and hand-clappy over that gorgeous goth stripey bride? Where here she is with the whole gorgeous goth wedding details! The offbeat bride: Danielle, Comedic Actress, Usui Reiki Master, Village Witch & Tarot Reader (and OBT member “Danielle“) Her offbeat partner: Banger: Semi Professional Musician, Financial Services Consultant Location & […]

Karen & Doug’s WedCon 2009!

The Offbeat Bride: Karen, PC coordinator / data analyst (and OBT member “Karen”) Her Offbeat Partner: Doug, System Administrator Location & date of wedding: Rosy’s Jazz Hall, New Orleans, LA — March 14, 2009 (Pi Day!) What made our wedding offbeat: We’re nerds. We met at a live-action roleplaying game and got together at a […]

Jenn & Brandon’s Matrimonial Purple Tudor Tea Party

The offbeat bride: Jenn, Youth Worker Her offbeat partner: Brandon, Musician Location & date of wedding: Illuminated Sculpture Gallery in New Orleans, LA on January 10th, 2009 What made our wedding offbeat: We were already legally married and decided to get “weddinged” almost exactly on our one year anniversary. Not bad to have already gotten […]

Lolo & Kevin’s N’Awlins/NYC Wedfest

The offbeat bride: Lolo, Nurse Practicioner Her offbeat partner: Kevin, Good Ol’ N’Awlins Musician Location & date of wedding: St. Anthony of Padua (ceremony) and the Benachi House (reception) in New Orleans, LA on October 11th, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: Not my first time around but his and he’s in the music biz […]