Layer Cake Super 8 wedding films

There's documentation, and then there's art — and Layer Cake Super 8 wedding films clearly takes wedding videography to that second level. Yes, Layer Cake is an offbeat advertiser. But…..


Jessica & Jeffrey's guerilla wedding

Mr. A-go-go & I thought and thought and thought about what to do for the shindig — we waffled between hitting the county registrars office and doing a Pee-Wee's Playhouse tribute (we even found someone to get ordained and marry us as Jambi!). We ended up holding a guerrilla wedding at the famous fountain in our hood where wedding parties take their group photos every weekend.

Last night's reading

Whew: My book tour is over. Really, I couldn't have hoped for a better "end of the road" event than LA. The reading was so much fun, the house perfectly…..