Edwina & Matthew's Jane Austen meets pop-culture wedding

The bride's custom Regency era-style gown was enough to get me digging this wedding, but it's also got a cake with LoTR and Green Lantern details, geeky place card quotes, a Ghostbusters and Wagner processional, and a no-joke killer gorgeous venue. They may have encountered some geek-wary resistance at first, but who wouldn't be won over by this Jane Austen-meets- geek wedding?


Karen & Frank's elven fairytale wedding

A little D&D, a little Lord of the Rings, and a whole lot of fairytale flourishes make this wedding a dream for any fantasy lover. We've also got sword arches, a sweet and teary first look, an element ceremony, a choreographed first dance, and a challenging custom-made dress (that was TOTALLY worth it!). Get out your Lembas bread and settle in for this one.