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We’ve got tons of ideas for your Lord of the Rings theme wedding, including reading ideas, photos from real weddings, and more.

This handfasting script feels straight out of a Tolkien novel

Jess and Sarah’s handfasting script was inspired by their love for Middle Earth and Tolkien. Lord of the Rings fans will love how the four elements are symbolized in the four cords this couple used for their handfasting ceremony.

The Middle Earth wedding of every Tolkien fan’s dreams

Everything about this couple’s wedding ties back to their love of Middle Earth! With excerpts we all know and love from Lord of the Rings to readings from The Hobbit, lovers of Tolkien will find literary inspiration all over this “long expected party.”

Must-haves for your medieval fantasy wedding

From medieval fantasy outfits to viking accessories to pure period pieces, we’ve put together a few must-have looks for your medieval wedding wardrobe.

A stormy beach wedding on the beach complete with Tolkien wedding quote

We had no decor, only the crashing waves and stormy skies. Our friend and officiant started the ceremony with a reading of a poem JRR Tolkien wrote for his wife.

A Celtic, Viking, and Lord of the Rings-themed wedding

Melanie and Jake had a Elven, Celtic, and Viking inspired wedding with incredible DIY elements. Plus, their wedding party wielded weapons instead of floral bouquets!

Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings at this meaningful Jewish wedding

Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings at this meaningful Jewish wedding

The theme was a Jewish wedding with a Middle Earth and Star Wars twist. Costumes, lightsabers, swords, dancing, and giant turkey legs made the celebration go wild. But it was the meaning and intent that brought everyone to years.