Jayme & Sondra's rustic blended family wedding

Two brides, two children, and all of us looking at them like the heart-eyed emoticon. With a gorgeous estate backdrop and only 30 days to plan, this wedding came together like gangbusters. And when you hear what the brides' son did after the ceremony, you just might join our collective "aww."


Rhiannon & Alex's communal home-brew camp wedding

Nothing says a challenge like combining two families into a mega-project-management wedding! But this wedding in the middle of a combined family Thanksgiving is nothing if not a great example of loving collaboration. Add in the mossy forest-inspired decor, the Wai-Ching dress, and the HUGE origami crane "arch," and you'll be a convert into the communal wedding planning way of life.


Betsy & Seth's unexpectedly steampunk DIYed handfasting

Put on your goggles and your neo-Victorian gear, because this is STEAMPUNK WEEK! Today we've got an unexpectedly steampunk wedding with pumpkin wine chillers, kilts, and a fabulous handfasting. Oh, and their favorite moment is one of those that will totally make you say "awww."


Charlie & Quinten's barefoot faux-forest indoor picnic wedding

Tons of handmade pillows, hay bales, leaves, and picnic blankets — it must be an outdoor wedding, right? Nope! But it may as well be. Due to some wet weather, these two brought the outdoors in for a green and brown faux-forest wedding. Even the flower girl and ring bearer got in on the theme action. Chalk up some bare feet, some lovely poetry, and a big ol' party, and you're ready for forest-y fun indoors.


Scooter & Robert's small rustic wedding

With a fabulous green house and garden venue, bread baked in flower pots, and a bonfire with s'mores, what could possibly go wrong? Just a too-large guest list. So this pair decided on a family-only celebration with lots of DIYed and adorable log details that totally played off the rustic vibe of the venue. Plus, you'll love how the bride celebrates her departed dad and her three-generation ring photo.