18 things I wish I could have told my wedding-planning self a year ago (Part 1)

With the benefit of a year of hindsight, I thought I might give some advice to my younger self. Or, failing that — why do we not have time-travel yet?! — I figured I could give some advice to those of you who are still deep in the trenches of planning. The number 18 has great significance in Judaism, so without further ado, here is part one of the 18 things I wish I could tell my wedding-planning self…


Save money, time, and sanity: 11 things you can totally skip to simplify your wedding planning

So you just got engaged and are now being bombarded with "must-haves," "to-dos," and "checklists," amirite? Hey, we're guilty of it, too. Our blanket advice has always been: Do what you want! In this case, we're talking about stuff you can totally skip that most people won't notice. Here's how you can simplify your wedding and save yourself some time, money, and sanity by allowing yourself to skip some (or all!) of these "must-dos."


What funeral planning taught me about wedding planning

I've planned two funerals before planning my wedding. The first was my own funeral. My cancer came before we had a chance to speak of marriage, and preparing for the worst outcome took priority. It was not unlike planning a wedding (albeit in four days flat), and I've learned these lessons on how to celebrate life — whether this is a life that has gone or is about to start…


5 ways to stay calm on your wedding day

Many people told me I was "the most calm and collected bride they had ever encountered." Not to bad for an extreme A-type personality like myself!

When it comes to being a calm bride, there are a few things that can help you keep it all together and enjoy your day to the fullest…