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All the evidence you need that LEGO weddings are the best!

Lesbian wedding after 20 years as seen on @offbeatbride

Two ladies finally celebrate 20 years with a garden wedding in Utah

The Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City was the garden backdrop to this “big gay wedding.” They included their three children into all aspects of the day with movie soundtracks, a kids’ table, glow sticks, and more. Other highlights included their gourmet grilled cheese bar, ice sculptures (with the couple as Minions!), a LEGO cake for the kids, a cake inspired by album cover art, and loads of succulents.

Star Trek wedding on @offbeatbride

Christie & Jesse thrill everyone with their surprise Star Trek wedding

A surprise wedding is one thing. A surprise wedding with a Star Trek and LEGO theme is another. But a surprise Star Trek wedding planned entirely by the maid of honor?! Now that’s a whole other level of new for us. But when you see the photos, we think you’ll agree that it turned out fabulously. Just wait until you see the first look, the Tim Horton’s donuts, the Star Trek cake, and the awesome dancing.

8-bit and LEGO love abounds at Jess & Paul’s gorgeously geeky wedding

Get a load of this gorgeous piece of awesomeness in the form of a wedding: succulents, a reception sword fight/dance, a new twist on the LEGO heart unity ceremony with guest interaction, a BMO card box, and 8-bit decor everywhere. Plus, you’ll fall in love with the bride’s response to the stresses of expectations and weight at weddings.

Jess & Mac’s LEGO-tastic museum wedding

A local waterworks museum is a pretty rad venue for a LEGO-themed wedding like this. This pair loves engineering, color, and having a grand time building with LEGO. They may have been concerned that their guests wouldn’t jive with the theme, but boy were those fears unfounded. You’ll want to see how they incorporated LEGO into their cake, their ceremony, and even their shoes. Just watch out for the bride’s grandma… she’s feisty!

LEGO minifigure wedding favors for fun and entertainment

We had our guests choose and customize their own LEGO minifigures to take home as wedding favors. On top of being very popular, it turned into a fun activity for our guests at the reception/party!

Jill & Zach’s cozy and chilly winter wedding

A Wai-Ching dress, a LEGO cake and unity ceremony, and a wayward doggie ring bearer — yep, sounds like our kind of wedding! Plus, you’ll love the significance of the 799 paper cranes they made for decor. Click and see the flowing green dress and gorgeous Christian ceremony with just the right amount of customization in this backyard Texas celebration.