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All the evidence you need that LEGO weddings are the best!

NOLA destination wedding: Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!

We’re from California, so having the wedding in New Orleans was a destination for us and all of our guests. We wanted everything to be classic New Orleans… With some Star Wars and LEGO tossed in!

An elegant Legend of Zelda gamer wedding for pixel fiends

An elegant Legend of Zelda gamer wedding for pixel fiends

“Trey and I are both avid gamers, but we both agree that the Legend of Zelda was what started it all for us both. Especially after we found the perfect venue: an actual frickin' castle!” Cue all sorts of video game details to spot at this Zelda-themed gamer wedding.

Rain falls like love at this "mutual weirdness" citrus colored wedding

Rain falls like love at this “mutual weirdness” citrus colored wedding

Orange, green, and yellow colored the day along with some rain that totally reflected some awesome lessons learned at this citrus colored wedding. There was LEGO, donuts, breakfast for dinner, colorful Chucks, and a super sweet first look. Don’t miss the adorable ceremony program and awesome ways this pair included their kids in the ceremony!

The Art Nouveau wedding: LEGO meets geek meets Southern hospitality

When Art Nouveau meets big time nerdery, it can only mean one thing: a gorgeous, LEGO-infused, DIYed wedding that spoils us with awesomeness. Don’t miss the two homemade cakes, the Lord of the Rings-esque Art Nouveau decor, and the awesome send-off. OH, and you’ll never guess what happened when the bride’s dad wasn’t there when it was time to walk down the aisle!

Steal this interactive LEGO centerpiece idea

I was worried that people would think our LEGO-themed wedding was more like a 10-year-old’s birthday party. I was really excited about our centerpieces being vases full of LEGO bricks so guests could interact with them and build things, but I was also scared that the guests wouldn’t really get it.

LEGO minifig place cards? Everything is awesome.

Kristen and Bryan‘s New Year’s Eve wedding had a whole lotta fun, geeky details, but we are loving the LEGO minifig place cards. They’re easy to make, easy to grab and take, and totally a fun way to seat your guests, nerd-style.