Claire & Bobby's puppet wedding

Our wedding was subversively quirky. We both went back and forth about certain traditions and our families had some say in that. I was in a big pouffy white dress with a veil for the ceremony and the boys were in tuxes. But there were puppets. Lots of them.


People know me by different names — what do I put on the invite?

"My real name is Michelle Jennifer, but i grew up going by jennifer and then when i was 20-ish my friends started calling me Rainbo. My fiance's parents don't feel comfortable with the Rainbo thing, so they call me Michelle. So when sending out invites, do I do three separate designs, one for each name?" No, here's what you do…


Poor Ariel Meadow Fetz… Of last names and other drama

Poor Ariel Meadow Fetz. She never stood a chance, really. First and foremost, she was shot down by my second-generation gender-egalitarianism and the fact that I had a career built on my given name. She also had to face up to my partner Andreas' staunch academic feminism. Ariel Meadow Fetz was aborted, and the pro-lifers didn't even get a chance to wave around bloody signs and protest.


Husbands and grooms: let's talk about men changing their last names

When researching the Offbeat Bride book, without a doubt the hottest topic among my labs rats was women changing their last names. One increasingly popular method of dealing with this feminist minefield is both the bride and the groom assuming a new last name. Seems to solve all the problems, right?

Well, turns out that in many states it's significantly harder for husbands to change their last names.