How do you get someone to stop addressing things to your non-existent married name?

My husband and I have been married for six years now and most of the family is fully aware of the fact that I kept my last name — actually, I'm sure my in-laws are well aware of this. But my mother-in-law keeps addressing mail and checks to me as if I had changed my name.

How do I address this issue in hopes of getting her to quit without being confrontational?


Kerry & Kevin's timey-wimey romantic Earthy wedding

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The best decision I made in my marriage? Keeping my name.

There are many, many stories out there about why women have chosen to change their names upon getting married. In fact, a recent survey by TheKnot.com stated that 86 percent of women getting married are changing their names. Furthermore, another survey by the Gender and Society Journal has stated that about half of the participants think that changing one's name should be a requirement for marriage.


OPEN THREAD: Is keeping my ex-husband's last name disrespectful to my fiance?

I feel greatly conflicted. At this stage in my life, I resent the burden of having to change my name (again) when men have the privilege of bypassing this antiquated and gendered tradition. As a woman, why must this "choice" be thrust upon me and why must I face judgment from others? How do I respond to others who feel that retaining my current last name is disrespectful to my fiance?