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This is a perennial hot topic for Offbeat Brides — is it un-feminist to change your last name after the wedding? Should you hyphenate? How is early is too early to start using your married name? And how the hell do you change your last name after the wedding?! (That one has an easy answer.)

A greenery filled Tanzanian-inspired Northern Michigan wedding

Hyphenated last names — the practical stuff

Torn between hyphenated last names and changing your name when you get married? Offbeat Brides share some of the IRL consequences of hyphenating their own names, or their kids’ names.

Don't call me Mrs. Miller: last names, Lucy Stone, & why I'll be keeping my name

Don’t call me Mrs. Miller: last names, Lucy Stone, & why I’ll be keeping my name

Since getting engaged, I have been bombarded with well-meaning friends and family members congratulating the “soon-to-be Mrs. Miller” on her engagement. While my external response is generally, “Haha, thanks,” my internal response is, “Mrs. Miller? Who is she? Do I know her? Please pass on my congratulations.” Because that isn’t me, and never will be. […]

As a queer person of color feminist, I cast aside my last name, and that’s okay with me

While I always expected I would end up marrying a Taiwanese-American person like myself, I somehow fell in love with a man who happens to be white. I never thought I’d end up dating white guys, nor did I think I’d marry one. Weeks before my wedding, I toyed with the idea of changing my name. I could have a fresh start in life — new name, new license, new everything. But then the feminist part of me strongly opposed taking my husband’s name. How can I completely eradicate my single life and the accomplishments I achieved under my maiden name? What kind of feminist am I?

Tradition, confusion, and appropriation: Changing your name in an intercultural marriage

There’s a lot to consider when contemplating a name change, of course: personal branding, publications if you’re an writer, your spouse’s feelings on the matter, your own thoughts. But there are extra things to mull over if your marriage is an intercultural one. With that in mind, here’s what I thought about when making my decision…

My name isn’t “Mrs”: On changing my mind about changing my last name

Changing my mind about changing my last name was undoubtedly really confusing for my husband, because I had clearly stated my intention to take his name once we were married. But when people started calling me “Mrs. HisLastName” I didn’t like it!

Sexism, history, and punctuation: Everything you ever wanted to know about Miss, Mrs., and Ms

Being a professional calligrapher and Medieval History major, I’d like to address (no, I’m not sorry about the pun) the hot topic of Miss, Mrs., and Ms. I’m not going to get into whether or not you are taking your spouse’s last name. That’s a whole other can of worms! I’m talking about the history of these three titles for women, and their purposes…