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So you’re looking for women’s shoes in larger sizes? You’re a bride with size 13 feet? We’ve got you! These posts caters to women’s shoes in size 12 and up, and we also have stuff like wedding shoes in wide widths, and boots for wide calves.

Wide calf wedding boots: the white, the tan, the fabulous

Let’s take a peek at tall wedding boots for wide calves! If you’re looking for kicky wedding boots but your athletic or plus-size calves make it hard to find boots that fit well, this is your post. This is your wedding. Let’s make these feet look amazing. As an added bonus, this is generally a great time to buy boots — they’re on sale everywhere, because most people don’t wear boots all summer long (BUT I DO. Don’t you?).

How to find vintage-style bridal shoes in larger sizes

I wanted to walk down the aisle in a pair of shoes with history, with the romance of times past and full lives lived. It was not to be, and because of my size 10 feet and lack of shopping know-how, I ended up in compromise shoes bought at the last minute in desperation. Learn from my mistake, here’s how to find vintage-style shoes in larger sizes.

Wedding shoes in wide widths and wonderful colors

Today I’m here to round up some awesome shoes for my wide-footed ladies. These are wedding shoes that come in “WW” widths, but still look sassy and faboooo, dahlinks. We’re talking funky, colorful formal-ish shoes in bold shades and widths ranging from W to WW to EEE.

Wide-calf wedding boots [Updated for 2021!]

Let’s browse some tall boots for wider calves! If you’re looking for kinky boots for your athletic or plus-size calves, we’re here for you. The good news is that there are plus size boots with calf fits of about 17″/43 cm to 21″/53 cm, depending on your shoe size. And if you don’t fall within those sizes, there are custom-fit options, too. Despair no more and check out these wide calf riding styles, glam heels, studded leather, and slightly loud colors.

Wonderful wedding shoes for those of us with larger feet

Every time I do a shoe post catered to a specific foot-need, there are howls from the internet about how I’ve ignored THEIR special foot needs. This has happened so many times for so many years that the editors and I now have a joke about how long it will take for the first “validate my feet” comment to show up on some of my shoe posts. Well, for those of you seeking validation for larger-sized feet, TODAY IS YOUR DAY!

Offbeat wedding shoes in larger sizes

It’s been a while since I did a shoe post for mah ladies who wear larger-sized shoes (did you know we have an entire archive?), so those of us who are over a size 10, let’s gather around the screen and enjoy some sweet-ass bridal footwear that actually fits your sweet-ass feet. Most of these are from Barefoot Tess, and most of them are available up to a size 15.