Lily & Chris' double happiness rock 'n' roll two wedding weekend

It's one thing to take on a big wedding; it's a whole other thing to plan two back-to-back ceremonies and parties! But once you see the retro fashion, Asian-inspired details, Chinese dancing lions, and sweet band tribute from the groom, you'll totally agree that it's a double happiness moment. OH, and a ceremonial martial arts board breaking by the bride? It happened — twice.


A ball field wedding with old-time charm

This wedding reminds me of small town festivals and parades with sparklers. Robyn and Mick are both hardcore kickball players, so they decided to hold their ceremony on the kickball field itself, with a tented reception at Mick's parents' house in Lawrence, KS. The ceremony boasted an electric guitar Star-Spangled Banner solo, readings from Shel Silverstein and J.R.R. Tolkien, a ring dog, and a dog flower bearer


A lantern-lit backyard Aussie wedding

Venice and Julian were wed at Julian's family home in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, where flowers, trees, and lanterns created a fabulous scene. Venice wore the sweetest Akira Isogawa dress with lots of floof and tiny rosettes.


Cara & Kit's motorcycling hula-hooping waterfall wedding

Things that rock about this wedding: DIY barefoot sandals, hula hoops, scenery to die for (or at least get a ticket from a park ranger for!), infectious smiles, and a motorcycle getaway. When the bridal headpiece is a motorcycle helmet, you know you're dealing with some kick-ass people.