Chris & Jeremy's lakeside family reunion wedding

If this bride looks a little familiar, it's because she's our rad Assistant Editor of Offbeat Bride! Let's see what this family reunion wedding has in store for us: a beautiful crystalline lakeside venue in Western Nebraska, a chalkboard program and menu, deer just wandering around, and two gorgeous people in lurve. Don't miss the sure-fire way to beat the pre-ceremony nerves, too!


Natalie & Matthew's homebrewed kilted lakeside wedding

This pair may have never dreamed of their wedding much before planning it, but it's certainly become one of our dream weddings. With kilts, an emerald green dress, homebrewed beer, and Celtic wishing stones, it was pretty magical. But just wait until you see whose phone buzzed during the unplugged ceremony and the April Fool's prank they played on the guests!


Jamielynn & Matthew's wedding weekend with a trebuchet

Campfires, archery, boating, a ropes course, and a giant creme donut — it's the wedding of any outdoors-y kid's dreams. This pair also built an epic "trebouquet" for the bouquet toss! Oh, and just wait until you hear about their funniest moment involving an adorable grandmother ad-lib.


Andrea & Matthew's simple lakeside wedding weekend

This week we're letting our hair down and getting back to nature in the wild, wild outdoors! Today's couple wanted a fun weekend of roller skating, kayaking, and of course, a wedding by the shore. You'll definitely want to see whose legs had potential to freak everyone out, and who did an epic 60-person high-fiving spree.


Morgan & Nicole's dreamy mountain wedding

Yep, we said "dreamy" and we mean it! Dreaming about those mountains, that lake, that EPIC hotel, and those two sexy-as-hell brides is just about the only thing that can be done after seeing it. Sure, they may have almost sunk into the lake, and maybe they hadn't had tons of practice with PDA, but seriously, shit be worth it.