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Kilts aren’t just for Scottish grooms any more… We’ve got Utilikilts, steampunk kilts, goth kilts and soooo much more.

Jess & George’s Hawaiian luau with a theatrical flair (co-starring hurricanes!)

A Playbill-style program, a lei ceremony by a force-of-nature officiant… and some actual forces of nature in the form of a hurricane and an earthquake — this ohana-focused wedding in Hawaii is nothing if not exciting. Don’t miss the kilts, the pineapple cake, the gorgeous guest book art piece, and all the luuurve.

Bettina & Tavish’s solstice viking and Victorian pagan wedding

This viking meets Victorian wedding is a mashup of amazing DIY (including the outfits AND the food!), a lovely outdoor setting perfect the occasion, and friends who totally embrace the Pagan aspects of this wedding to make the ceremony magical. Oh, and a bunch of kilts abound for your pleasure.

Scotia & Kyle’s Celtic viking pirate punk wedding

Combining interests and heritages in this wedding was a wild ride: Celtic, Nordic, punk, pirates, and Victorian style. All these combined formed the power of Greyskull a most glorious wedding. With singing first dances, burlesque bouquet tosses, handmade cake toppers, and some of the best fashion we’ve seen, this one is a must-see.

Lauren & Steve’s spooky horror film-inspired wedding

It’s our favorite week for spooky, gothic, and horror-themed weddings — it’s HALLOWEEN WEEK! Today we’re drooling over the barbed wire bouquet, the hearse getaway car, the giant pork pie, and the many, many amazingly carved pumpkins by the guests. Plus, you’ll never guess which Supernatural star cameoed in the photo booth…

Diamond & Jack’s retro glam “show-emony” and after-party wedding

This is one of those drool-worthy weddings full of talented people performing and creating grand food-scapes and amazing retro decor. So get your green eyes out for some delicious love-tinged envy. Don’t miss the bride’s amazing corset dress, the sweet father of the bride walk down the aisle, the groom’s kilted hotness, and of course, his YO-YO PERFORMANCE!

Check the tartan wedding dress at this Netherlands handfasting

The tartan dress, the kilts, the Wiccan ceremony… this wedding is such a beautiful mash-up of these two that we can’t even deal. The castle venue in The Netherlands is the icing on this super pretty cake. You’ll also dig their receiving line alternative. Hint: guests get to NOT stand in line!