Kilts aren’t just for Scottish grooms any more… We’ve got Utilikilts, steampunk kilts, goth kilts and soooo much more.

Rosemary & Christopher’s hippie pagan eco diy celebration of love

The offbeat bride: Rosemary, graduate student Her offbeat partner: Christopher, graduate student Location & date of wedding: June 21, 2008 in a friend’s wild back yard and forest, near Montreal, QC What made our wedding offbeat: We made up our own ceremony to be exactly what we wanted it to be, which meant throwing out […]

Melissa’s rainy rural wedding with the biggest bonfire evar!

I’m trying to get caught up on my backlog of bride profiles — so this week it’s wall-to-wall wedding porn for y’all. Enjoy! The offbeat bride: Melissa, Student My offbeat groom: Jon, Student/Retail Location & date of wedding: Jon’s Parent’s HUGE yard in rural Manitoba, Canada. June 23, 2007 What made our wedding offbeat: Our […]

Mmmm… this cream and black wedding dress is tasty

I love this Scottish bride’s dress — I’ve never seen anything like it. The black underskirt and bust give it the most amazing flavor. I can imagine this concept working with any number of colors — blue, red, whatever.