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First comes baby then comes marriage: our favorite parent couples who got hitched

“I got divorced a couple of years back and am partnered again planning a wedding for Halloween 2020. However, we decided to do the whole kid thing beforehand and will hopefully have a little one at our wedding by then. I’m looking for advice/examples of bad-ass families who married post-baby. I’m having a hard time finding anything.” Hell yes we have examples! Come and see…

How to DIY coloring pages from a photo for your wedding reception

How to DIY coloring pages from a photo for your wedding reception

We’ve been throwing around the idea of this wedding coloring sheet for years but never had a great tutorial for how to make one yourself, which you absolutely can do. Yep, you don’t have to outsource this project to someone else if you have access to a program like Photoshop, GIMP, or Pixlr. I’m going to be demonstrating it with Photoshop, but the steps are mostly translatable between each program.

Here’s how to do it…

Be enthralled by this family wedding with a stunning mohawk

Be enthralled by this family focused wedding with a stunning mohawk

Terri and Vince met and dated when they were younger, and then went their separate ways, only to meet up after several years and fall in love again. This was a second marriage for both Terri and Vince, and they made it a family focused celebration by incorporating their children into all aspects of the day. You’ll definitely want to catch Terri’s killer mohawk and earrings, their flower seed favors, gorgeous ruffle cake, and tearful ceremony.

Get dat booty at this pirate wedding in Malibu #pirates #wedding

Get dat booty at this pirate wedding in Malibu

The bride, Becky, had told event planner Laura from [heart link=""]Rebel Belle Weddings[/heart] that with her young son and his friends attending, she wanted to do something really fun. Since the venue had a treehouse look, enter the pirate theme! Becky and her partner Jim were married in a tree-filled area with a reception up on wooden plants surrounded by greenery. Don’t miss the tables named after movies, the actual hired pirate entertainment, and the decor of cannons, nets, and treasure.

OPEN THREAD: Forget regular chairs, do we need to rent highchairs at our wedding?

Oh my goodness, the RSVP’s are coming in and we’re super-excited. Except that our effort to make our weekend wedding all-inclusive and family-friendly means that parents are asking whether we can provide high chairs at the summer camp resort we’ve rented. Is that the kind of thing we should have considered? Is there a nice way of saying “Dude, I wasn’t even going to drop $3 per person to rent a chair for YOUR awesome ass — everyone is getting a rusted old folding chair, and your baby will eat on the floor LIKE A DOG”?

Lesbian wedding after 20 years as seen on @offbeatbride

Two ladies finally celebrate 20 years with a garden wedding in Utah

The Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City was the garden backdrop to this “big gay wedding.” They included their three children into all aspects of the day with movie soundtracks, a kids’ table, glow sticks, and more. Other highlights included their gourmet grilled cheese bar, ice sculptures (with the couple as Minions!), a LEGO cake for the kids, a cake inspired by album cover art, and loads of succulents.