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Lindsay & Ashraf’s multi-lingual vegan-friendly atheist wedding

A city hall ceremony started this pair off in matrimony, and then it was topped off by a three-day weekend of barbecues, brunches, and of course, a big ol’ multi-lingual party! Just wait until you see their M.C. Escher-inspired invitation, Wall-E cake toppers, and fruit centerpieces. But the best part is their funniest moments, which involve an overly enthusiastic ring dad and a translated baby. WHAT.

A ball field wedding with old-time charm

This wedding reminds me of small town festivals and parades with sparklers. Robyn and Mick are both hardcore kickball players, so they decided to hold their ceremony on the kickball field itself, with a tented reception at Mick’s parents’ house in Lawrence, KS. The ceremony boasted an electric guitar Star-Spangled Banner solo, readings from Shel Silverstein and J.R.R. Tolkien, a ring dog, and a dog flower bearer

Liz & Kevin’s handmade, well-armed wedding party of adventurers

Rainbow socks? Check. Swords? Check. Post-wedding hair cut? Check. Life-size cut out of groomsman walked down the aisle by the bridesman? Hell to the yes!

Stacy & Mike’s nerdy after-the-legal-wedding party

Stacey & Mike had a post-legal-wedding handfasting. Stacey had her mom, whom she described as her best friend, be one of her bridesmaids and she wore a beautiful long red dress.

Jenny & Evan’s wedding feast of love

Jenny & Evan loved the wedding crane tradition. The tradition is for the bride or couple or guests to fold 1000 paper cranes–if accomplished, they are able to wish for a thousand years of happiness together. So Jenny & Evan did just that, and then they used the cranes as decorations during their wedding!

Bridget & Jonathan’s elopement and short wedding film

To end our elopement week we give you Bridget & Jonathan. Instead of having a huge wedding and inviting all their friends and family, Bridget & Jonathan decided to elope privately and turn it into a film. Afterwards they sent DVD’s to their friends and family so that they could share their wedding day with them. How cool?! -Coco