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Don't miss the tutu-wearing ring dog at this colorful wedding

Don’t miss the tutu-wearing ring dog at this colorful, retro wedding

Peggy and Shawn had a colorful, retro wedding in Kansas City, MO with so many stunning details I didn’t know where to begin. But hey, let’s start with that amazing, minty blue dress! Oh, and their dog Pearl was the ring bearer, the reception had karaoke, dinosaurs, and records, and a family-centric cake topped with a VW!

You’ll be scouring the photos for more of their nerdy and awesome details so get to browsing…

Megan & Chris’ summer carnival wedding with rockabilly style

This pair had a small wedding with BIG personality: a carnival-themed wedding with retro rockabilly style. There are lots of DIY projects to ogle, including the bride’s brooch bouquet, crochet bouquets, button bouquets (so much bouquet love!), a colorful candy buffet, and circus-style banners. Step right up and feast your eyes on the spectacle!

Kimberly & David’s Bookish gender-avoiding party (with a wedding)

The theme for 2011’s National Library Week is “Create your story.” It don’t know what says “Create your story” more than the two tuxes, book covered tables, and ceremony standing in the round in the fourth installment of Library Week weddings.

Jessi & Dave’s sincere celebration of fellowship and love & potluck wedding

We’re pretty unconventional, so we did it “us.” My bouquet came from the farmer’s market, my mom picked the flowers for the tables at the side of the highway, our centerpieces were board games, my husband wore hemp pants and a simple shirt; we didn’t have attendants, a cake, toasts, bouquet toss, etc.

Megan & Rusty’s black, white, and wasabi wedding with unicorns & giraffes

The offbeat bride: Megan, MSW Grad Student (and OBT member “megankugler“) Her offbeat partner: Rusty, Graphic Designer Location & date of wedding: Kansas City Athenaeum in Kansas City, MO — August 1, 2009 What made our wedding offbeat: We wanted our wedding to represent who we are as a couple: Silly, creative, unconventional, and surrounded […]