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“Punk for Parents” iPod playlist

Becca and Adam had a big question when it came to wedding music: “How do we play our favorite love(ish) songs… and not have our parents covering their ears, annoyed?” Their solution? A punk rock dinner playlist and a swingin’ rockabilly/80s/oldies dancing playlist.

Pop Punk Bride’s iPod reception tips + playlist

Our music-related posts always get the most attention and feedback. Clearly, y’all are looking for MOAR music inspiration. We’ve decided to start a new feature: Real Offbeat Playlists. To kick it off here’s Pop Punk Bride‘s iPod playlist.

Laura & Sam’s windy elegant gothy Halloween wedding

A silent film star, an elegant vampire, and a raven winged officiant = perfect Halloween wedding. You know it’s good when the officiant has to say “You may now STOP kissing the bride.”

Charla & Joel’s casual, lakeside wedding

Charla & Joel got married at Joel’s family reunion three months after getting engaged. They had a lovely, picturesque lakeside ceremony and then a vegetarian-friendly barbecue.

Becki & Jeremy’s Wild West Frontier Wedding

Becki & Jeremy run a wilderness summer camp together. Their wedding reflected this aspect of their lives. They had a fun-filled weekend with lots of outdoor activities: a hike, a 5k run, a bonfire, fishing and their wedding ceremony!

Sara & Mark’s improv-tastic, eco-friendly, wine-soaked wedding

Sara & Mark made sure their guests were entertained at their wedding! They did this by taking advantage of the space at their venue: a vineyard in Santa Ynez. They created different areas of entertainment for the guests, like a s’mores fire-pit, a cigar lounge and a photo-booth. They even put on an improv show, which Bill Nye the Science Guy was in!!