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Erin & Matt’s crafty music-inspired quirky wedding

There is some serious music loving going on here and it shows in all of the awesome song choices and self-DJing. This pair also loves DIY and specifically knitting, which led them to craft tons of knitted details including their cake topper, bouquets, and hair flowers. And you just might love the bride’s gorgeous green gown!

Kate & Justin’s beach and buttons veggie wedding

On top of the couple’s awesome ink and gorgeous venue (with carousel!), there was also a beach just made for dipping. Not only did the groom’s guys take the plunge, the bride ended up swimming too, dress and all! With a button-y bouquet and vegetarian menu, this was never destined to be your typical beach-side soiree.

Miranda & Evan’s redwood feel-good wedding

In an effort to combine their love of the East Coast, local West Coast food and drink, and their mutual multicultural backgrounds, this pair ended up with a conch shells, awesome beer from Philly, heaps of awesome DIY, and of course, the totally impressive backdrop of redwoods.

Holly & James’ handmade winter meditation on love

This wedding takes its direction from a desire to leave a small carbon footprint and to locally-source as much as possible. Having it in the state’s first Platinum LEED-certified building was definitely apropos. The homemade hula hoops, butternut squash soup, and folk music were icing on this Star Trek-topped cake.

Christen & Leigh’s Hawaiian beach karaoke wedding

With families in Wyoming and Australia, what better mid-point could there be than Hawaii? This couple planned a destination wedding on the beach where both of their families met for the first time. Although they had a bumpy road to the altar, the end result was a kick-ass party with pinkie swears, friendly roasting, impromptu karaoke, and a whole lot of love.

Kelly & Justin’s DIY vintage Halloween two-day wedding

These two like photobooths — so much so that the groom proposed in one. So what better photobooth opportunity could there be than a costume party? The ceremony was the night before the reception so the couple could go FULL-ON costume for the party. And let me tell you, it was worth it. A ring warming, candy buffet, awesome costumes, and a hint of vintage give us a lot to love in the Halloween week entry.