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Sarah & Mark’s BBQ in a barn with a big bear brawl

Sometimes when you incorporate bears into your wedding theme, it begins Bear War I and somebody’s going down. Thankfully, there was mucho honey favors, tons of pies (including whoopie), and the breaking of bread to get all the guests involved. Plus, the bride has some great advice on what she should have brought to the hotel!

A literary Dinosaur wedding with a purple dress and a bad-ass blind bride

Check out Elsa’s awesome manifesto that challenges the WIC’s assumptions about what is “bridal,” to get to know this awesome bride. Then get a load of the dino and Doctor Who details, purple swingin’ dress, and “steamcane” that made this wedding fabulous.

Audrey & Etienne’s French cheese-loving wedding at a ski resort

Let’s travel to France for, oh, just a little ol’ wedding in a ski lodge in the Alps. It’s complete with cheese-laden catering, a hot chocolate bar, and geeky Star Wars details to make sure that we’re all over this. Your foodie/geeky/dream vacation is here in wedding form, my friends. As if you needed any more temptation, you’ll want to see how they picked their honeymoon destination and how the bride gets everyone’s attention for her speech!

Betsy & Josh’s retro and rock theater wedding

A little Slayer, some Stray Cats, vintage-style fashion, and a 1942 Oldsmobile made this wedding a rock-lover’s wet dream. But it wasn’t all hard-edge and kicking ass. The couple’s daughter made for some sweet photos and the dancing shots are grin-inducing. It’s a mix of hard rock and lace in this vintage-inspired wedding in an art deco theater.

Silpi & Shawn’s handmade Indian-fusion cabaret wedding

This Canadian couple brought together the best of Western and Indian cultures for this fusion wedding. Add that to the mad crafting skills, fabulous yellow saris, talent-filled cabaret performances, and really fun guest book idea, and you’ve got a fabulous party for all involved. Plus, you’ll definitely want to check out the groom’s boy band performance!

Yes, you can use Spotify as your wedding DJ

Before we got married, I read SO MANY posts about how it’s just easier to hire a DJ and not worry about ceremony music on an iPod. Still… I wasn’t having it. I wanted to control the music, I wanted to make it our own, and I didn’t want to pay out the wazoo for any of it. Our solution? Spotify.