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Emily & Mitchell’s rainy steampunk geodesic dome wedding

Put on your goggles and your neo-Victorian gear, because this is STEAMPUNK WEEK! Today we’ve got a purple and bronze steamy bonanza with a geodesic dome ceremony, a ketubah/parking problem (what?!), and some adorable vows you don’t want to miss. Just watch out for the spoilsport rain!

Amanda & Eric’s breakfast-for-dinner fun and games wedding

Breakfast-for-dinner is a concept we can totally get behind. Especially when it’s backed up by DC comics Converse, Mad Libs, handmade pinwheels, an awesome poem written by the bride’s brother, …oh, and donuts instead of cake! Just watch out for the little heartbreaker in the suspenders on the dance floor. He’s irresistible.

Carol & Jonathan’s laid-back log cabin beach wedding

Sign us up for a mini-holiday wedding like this one any day: a small log cabin on the ocean in southern Scotland, bonfires, barbecue, bounce house, and loads of giggly, smiley love. If the scenery isn’t enough to get you going, the bride’s mum’s devil horns will! It was a small destination wedding with big, amazing DIY details.

A multicultural destination wedding in the mountains

Katie and Gautam traveled from Washington DC to Twin Peaks, California for a destination wedding in the mountains (AND planned it all sight-unseen!). This pair successfully combined his Indian wedding traditions with her American traditions, including gorgeous saris, a flower crown, a candle-lighting ceremony, a tearful father/daughter dance (just try not to choke up!), and a rockin’ dance party with an iPod DJ!

Amy & Adam’s dancey boathouse sunset wedding

Want to learn about prioritizing, using a rad iPod playlist as your DJ, how to prepare for too much ceremony crying, and how to trade for a day-of coordinator? This wedding is your primer! Plus, you get to bask in the glow of the sunset-drenched photos at a gorgeous boathouse venue in Seattle.

Morgan & Matt’s robot love fest wedding

Robots and aliens have invaded weddings this week! It’s making me want to break it down in a binary solo. This couple had all their guests bring something robo-related, including a mini mechanical baby! And barring one robot mishap at the ceremony, it was a total success. Even some YOLOing teenagers couldn’t hamper the awesomeness.