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The hottest wedding ever: a fire & performance themed wedding

The hottest wedding ever: a fire & performance themed wedding (where the brides burned their dresses!)

The theme of our wedding was performance. We are professional performers and have lots of performing friends. We had many different performances from Burlesque, Fire, Aerial, Dance, Hip-Hop, Belly Dance, Singing, Juggling, and more.

But the wildest part was that we ended the ceremony by lighting our dresses on fire!

Ladies in love: a blended family love story wedding in Iowa

Ladies in love: a blended family love story wedding in Iowa

This pair of gorgeous ladies overcame some substantial opposition from guests and vendors to come out the other side victorious. They crafted an elegant, playful, and stunning outdoor wedding in a chill Iowa day that celebrated their two families merging into a giant ball of awesome. Let’s take a peek at their love story wedding…

Laura & Steve’s Chicago meets Iowa Pi Day wedding

This wedding gets us right in the feels with their pies for Pi Day (and a ring reference!), Chicago-meets-Iowa details, and an awesomely accommodating band. Just wait until you see what advice this pregnant bride has for other pregnant brides. It’s a rustic-meets-city wedding to please all palates.

Maria & Rory’s homemade community country wedding with secret nuptials

When this couple says handmade, they mean handmade. From growing the garden and raising the chickens, these two made it all happen with their own two hands. But wait until you see how a surprise officiant snafu made them rethink their ceremony!

Julia & Shane’s whimsical rainbow technicolor wedding

We’re in the mood to bring some rainbows, glitter, and colorful details into your life. It’s a prismatic rainbow and colorful wedding theme week! Today we’ve got a subtle and glorious rainbow dress, a huge circular barn, and a couple who rocks it out with their band. And don’t forget to spot Liberace!

Kelsey & Heather’s lesbian family’s farm fresh wedding

Double the brides, double the rainbow! These two brides were married on a rainy day in a big barn full of family and friends. With locally-sourced scrumptious foods and touches of their most recent home in Tanzania, this globe-trotting family stretched their wedding day into a longer party to spend as much time as possible with guests. See how they wove their words and community vows into a most beautiful cry-face…