People know me by different names — what do I put on the invite?

"My real name is Michelle Jennifer, but i grew up going by jennifer and then when i was 20-ish my friends started calling me Rainbo. My fiance's parents don't feel comfortable with the Rainbo thing, so they call me Michelle. So when sending out invites, do I do three separate designs, one for each name?" No, here's what you do…


Gamer wedding invitation

How cute are these gamer invites for Hope & Jeremy's wedding? It's like pac-man, only with less ghosts and more love. This is like the antithesis to those lame-ass "Game…..

Letterpress wedding invitations

The Etsy Wedding blog has done it again, sniffing out gorgeous custom letterpress invitations from Etsy seller Pistachio Press. Nope, they're not cheap. But man, they're inspiring.