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Preserve wedding treasures with this DIY wedding shadowbox tutorial

After our wedding, I started to think about different ways to preserve some special pieces from the day, but I wasn’t sure where to begin. I’ve seen a lot of brides preserve their wedding bouquets, but I had a few different items I wanted to save together. After a little bit of thinking it hit me: a shadowbox would be perfect! Here’s how I made mine.

A sad mother of the bride asks: “How do I tell my friends I can’t invite them?”

“My 44 year old daughter is planning and paying for her own wedding. The guest list is at 200, and she has agreed to let us invite 6 close friends… but what do I say to all our other friends who may be expecting to be invited?”

Informal wedding invitation wording

I’m working on the wedding invitations for my 2022 wedding, and all informal wedding invitation wording examples I’m finding online feel like they’re from the before-times. I don’t need to talk about the pandemic specifically on my invitations, but it feels weird not to acknowledge that weddings are different now than they used to be. I’m having a casual microwedding in my backyard, and I know I’m not the only one who’s struggling with informal, casual, but also celebratory wedding invitation wording. Help??

10 COVID wedding postponement announcement wording ideas (funny, classy, and cute!)

So you’ve made the decision to postpone your wedding because of Coronavirus.

First off: we are so fucking sorry this is happening to you.  Second off, we’ve got some wedding postponement announcement ideas for ya…

How many stamps to put on your wedding invitations? Learn from my mistake!

I learned that about half of our invitations arrived with a “postage due” stamp on the envelope and a smaller second envelope soliciting $0.15 from the recipient. What did I do wrong!?

These stunning email invitation suites make digital look like print

Emailing your wedding invitations is an eco-friendly AND budget-friendly wedding choice. Plus, they’re getting to be just as lovely as printed invitations so you can still keep it as classy and avant-garde as you like.