How do you make sure guests don't get confused by your offbeat ceremony invitation?

I was recently approached by a family member who received an invitation to an offbeat ceremony. While the invitee was thrilled to be invited, the question arose… what is this event? Wedding? Elaborate costume party? Dinner theater? Nowhere on the invite was it specified. So with offbeat invites… what is the best way of making sure your guests aren't confused about the event they're attending?


Why I'm giving all my wedding guests +1s

Right now, we're at the point where we're addressing and sending out our Save the Dates. I was trying to figure out the best way to include "and Guest" on the envelope, so I searched around. You know what the answer I got everywhere was? "Ask your guest their partner's name!" and "Guess what! You don't HAVE to invite people to bring a guest you don't know! Yay!" Not helpful.

Believe it or not, we decided way early on in our planning that we are totally excited for people to bring people we don't yet know to our wedding.


Wedding announcement wording that won't hurt the uninvited

Here's your challenge: how to share your good news with people without making them feel like A) they were excluded from the good times, or B) you expect anything from them. In other words, you want to share the good news without bragging or making it seem like you're fishing for gifts. We've got copy 'n' paste ideas for you!