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Your favorite invitation designs (the return!)

So, you know how I can sorta spy on y’all’s shopping habits? I certainly can’t see who buys what, but I CAN see trends of what y’all like, based on what you buy after clicking links on Offbeat Bride.

Sometimes, I like to gather up this data in my arms (LIKE A HUG! A BIG DATA-RICH HUG!) and share it with y’all — these are wedding invitations that lots of y’all have been loving over the last few months. Today’s invitations are all from, but I can also see that a TON of you ordered custom invitations from Vistaprint. (Totally makes sense: Vistaprint is cheap and awesome.)

Anyway, less talking, more clicking and eye-boggling. Let’s get inspired by each other’s tastes — we’ve got mustaches, tractors, fireflies and 8-bit awesomness to gawk at!

OMG ADORBZ: Barn Party invitations

Can we talk about these insanely adorable
Barn Party! Wedding Invitations
? First, the colors. We all know I’m a sucker for rainbows, and while this palette is a little bit washed out, it’s still definitely rainbow-influenced. Second, the FONT. That font is workin’ overtime to make these invitations feel timely and awesome. Third: PUT A BIRD ON IT!

Colorful, stylish (and sometimes nerdy) invites from Shine Wedding Invitations

Shine Wedding Invitations is designer Autumn Wyda’s baby. The store is a mix of her own personal style — sometimes ultra modern, sometimes classy and conservative, sometimes a little vintage-y and retro, but always clean and neat and not overly busy, is how she explains it. I just say WOW! These are rad and super hip. And also, me likey.

Wedding invitations from vintage to modern styles from Modern Girl Invitations

YAY! More fun wedding invitations to show of from Modern Girl Invitations! We’ve gushed about them before and I can’t wait to show you five more of my favorite colorful invites ranging from their retro vintage looks to their modern wedding invitations.

Colorful and modern wedding invitations from Modern Girl Invitations

I’m kind of a stationary nerd, so I had WAY too much fun looking through all wedding invitations from the aptly named Modern Girl Invitations. We’ve profiled Modern Girl before and now they’re back with more designs (using the same environmentally friendly paper and printing, of course), even more budget friendly AND a special OBB […]

These View-Master wedding invitations will blow your mind

“Our invitations were kept secret from EVERYONE. My parents, sister, friends, everyone. So it was a complete surprise when they showed up in mailboxes. We are both graphic designers but wanted to truly splurge on our invitations.”