Find your perfect creative wedding invitations or design your own with The Sweetheart Shout Out

Sweetheart Shout Out is a labor of love for husband and wife team, Phillip and Tara. Like many of you, when they were planning their wedding they looked at the all ribbon-y, glittery, silk flowery, overpriced stuff that are the mainstay of most invitation companies, and decided there had to be a better option! Thankfully (for all of us) they're both graphic designers with a passion for killer wedding invitation design.


Your favorite invitation designs (the return!)

So, you know how I can sorta spy on y'all's shopping habits? I certainly can't see who buys what, but I CAN see trends of what y'all like, based on what you buy after clicking links on Offbeat Bride.

Sometimes, I like to gather up this data in my arms (LIKE A HUG! A BIG DATA-RICH HUG!) and share it with y'all — these are wedding invitations that lots of y'all have been loving over the last few months. Today's invitations are all from Minted.com, but I can also see that a TON of you ordered custom invitations from Vistaprint. (Totally makes sense: Vistaprint is cheap and awesome.)

Anyway, less talking, more clicking and eye-boggling. Let's get inspired by each other's tastes — we've got mustaches, tractors, fireflies and 8-bit awesomness to gawk at!