Your top 10 wedding invitations from Minted.com

I do this a couple times a year: I go peeking at the sales reports of what Offbeat Brides are buying from Minted so that I can see which wedding invitation designs you guys are loving. Why? Because you guys have fucking awesome taste, and I like to get inspired. So let's take a look at the wedding invitations that are floating y'all's boats this fall. Let's count down the 10 most popular designs.


A Printable Press can give you amazing AND affordable wedding invitations!

Loooongtime readers might remember one of my most memorable weddings to profile, Kimi and Paul's jug band, critter-filled wedding. That wedding was DIYed to the max with hand-made dress embelishments, art projects as centerpieces, not to mention the invitations designed by Kimi herself. That's why I'm not surprised in the LEAST that the next time I should here from this particular Offbeat Bride is when her stationery business, A Printable Press, became one of our sponsors!

Let's all take a moment to cheer for yet another Offbeat Bride-turned-business lady, about how A Printable Press makes great invite designs affordable (besides the special discount code!), and gush about Kimi's awesome invitation designs…


How Offbeat Bride affects a custom wedding invitation biz: a Q&A with 519 Weddings

What happens with a custom invitation design business launches and becomes embraced by Offbeat Bride readers? Awesome things. But to get a better answer than just "awesome things" we turned to our sponsor 519 Weddings and asked how two years of your loyal patronage has shaped their business. I also asked 'em for a special deal for all y'all. Let's read, learn, and get amazing invitions!


Your fave Minted invitation designs (plus a $300 giveaway!)

Ooh, it's that time again! That slightly creepy time where I look deep into the bowels of my affiliate sales reports to see which Minted.com invitation designs y'all are loving the most. For those of you just joining us, here's how it works: when you buy something from Minted.com after clicking a link on Offbeat Bride, I can see what you buy. I can't see WHO buys what (your secrets are safe!), but I can see which stuff is the most popular with my readers. This is kind of awesome because y'all have great taste.

As we head into the planning season for 2013's winter and spring weddings, let's take a peek at the invitation designs that are getting Offbeat Brides the most excited right now. PLUS, as an added bonus, I've got info from Minted about how you can enter to win $300 worth of FREE invitations.