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What's the heck is a microwedding (and could it be the perfect wedding for you?)

4 reasons you should have a micro wedding (plus, micro wedding venues and ideas)

If you’ve seen the word “microwedding” around the internet, your brain may jump straight to eloping, right? But a microwedding is a tiny wedding of under 50ish people, usually planned in a similar fashion to larger weddings but on a smaller scale.

If you can get over the hurdle of convincing your ultra nearest and dearest that it’s okay to only have them at the wedding, you’re in the clear to plan your own microwedding. Ready to see if a microwedding will be your jam? Here are the reasons teeny tiny weddings kick serious ass…

Introverts and awkward folk! We’ve found your perfect wedding photographer

Coleen MacRamos is a New England wedding photographer that calls herself “a weirdo loving weirdo.” So it’s no wonder that her expertise is photographing couples who don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera… or even expressing any sort of PDA! So if that sounds like the kind of couple you guys are, here’s why you should go on a “first date” with MacRamos Photography…

Here's how you can totally battle wedding planning fatigue

Here’s how you can totally battle wedding planning fatigue

About seven months ago, I leaped back into my online inspiration boards and budget sheets, dusting off the wedding planning corners of my mind that have since laid dormant since 2014. My sister is getting married in about a month (hooray!), and after noticing that my DIY experience was not a total hot mess, she […]

5 tips for hosting an introvert wedding shower

“The bride, other bridesmaid, and I are all introverts — one of us is on the spectrum, one of us has general/social anxiety, and one of us is both! As the maid of honor I want to plan the best wedding shower possible, however I don’t want it to be too strenuous. Can you please help me with some ideas to make the lead up to my friend’s wedding as enjoyable and memorable (for all the right reasons) as possible!” Yep! Here are some ways to host an introvert-friendly wedding shower…

I’m single! Who should I bring as my plus one?

Any opinion on who to bring to a wedding if you are completely single but have been granted a “plus one?” One wedding I am in the wedding party and the other I am just a guest, but both weddings I will only know a handful of people. Any advice on who should I bring as my plus one?

Shy couples rejoice: voiceover vows are a thing and they will save you

Shy or introverted couples and those with social anxiety: if you’re not cool with reading your vows in front of a big group of guests, this idea is killer. Hazi and Matt decided to record their vows ahead of time and overlay it onto some sweet video to share with their guests! This is such a great way to share your love with the ones you love while keeping your anxiety at bay. You could even head out of earshot while the video was running if you’re really not down for seeing it all go down.