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You’re ready to marry the love of your life. And it just so happens that you’re Christian and they’re Muslim. Or they’re Jewish and you’re Hindu. Or one of you is a steadfast atheist. Whatever. Interfaith weddings are a collage, and this archive is full of inspiration and ideas for how to blend your beliefs into one lovely wedding.

A colorful and multicultural Indian and Vietnamese wedding

The couple had a gorgeous Indian and Vietnamese wedding that spanned two weeks! From the red lehenga to the ao dai wedding attire, this multicultural celebration is filled with color and cultural traditions.

Get ready to light up at this disco wedding with a joint bar

Due to the world being turned upside down, we had to cancel our wedding… like many brides, I had to pivot. We had recently bought our first home and spent so much time working on it, so we decided to have our wedding in our backyard. Our garage turned into Studio 54 with an amazing disco ball installation, 80’s furniture, checkered floor, and a chic curated joint bar for our guests (which was a real hit of the night!).

Guac down the aisle! Getting married in our fave Tex-Mex restaurant

Emily and Ron decided to guac down the aisle to the accompaniment of all their favorite things and people, at their fave Tex-Mex restaurant.

Here's how I'm planning an intersectional, interracial, accessible wedding

Here’s how I’m planning a Southern, intersectional, interracial, and accessible wedding

I’m a person with both hidden and visible disabilities. Queerness is an important part of how I identify and build community. We’re also an interracial and interfaith couple. I’m planning my big fat Southern, intersectional, interracial, accessible, and Jew(ish) wedding. Here are my perspectives…

A delightful and chic "big ol' gay wedding" in Philly (with stunning outfits!)

A delightful and chic “big ol’ gay wedding” in Philly (with stunning outfits!)

The gist of this “big ol’ gay wedding in Philly” was simple: a celebration and affirmation of their love, good food, and non-stop dancing. Oh, and when you see the amazing subtly striped dress and white tux on these two brides, you’ll go wild. Plus, you’ll love their personal vows involving appliances, the Eagles, and too many dishes. This is on you do not want to miss…

Dad's religious and I'm not: How can I include him without giving him a platform?

Dad’s religious and I’m not: How can I include him without giving him a platform?

How do I include my religious dad in my wedding day without giving him a platform? I’m afraid if I ask him to read, or allow him to do a speech that he will bring religion into it and I really don’t want that at all. I’m also not sure if I’m going to have a father/daughter dance due to our slowly healing relationship. Help!