Offbeat sins: how to get pulled over by the Offbeat Police

I don't want any of you looking back on your wedding and being like, "God, I don't even like Game Of Thrones that much." Offbeater-than-thou weddings just for offbeatness' sake? That's a misdemeanor right there, and we won't arrest you, but we will escort you off of the property to head over to Offbeat Home & Life's archives, where we can support you with awesome articles to build self-awareness and confidence. We believe in rehabilitative treatment here.


Why did I worry about these 6 "risky" wedding decisions?

If you're like me, then you may be feeling anxious and insecure about making weird or risky wedding decisions. To help you gain perspective, here are the top six wedding risks that I worried about. Not to spoil the outcome but… ALL of these decisions turned out to be rewarding, and contributed to the success of our celebration…


What I learned from Instagram: Wedding planning isn't the People's Choice Awards

I've come to hate the question: "How's the wedding planning going?" Because it's usually followed by someone totally shooting down my last planning decision. But here's the deal: Wedding planning is stressful enough as it is. And if I listened to and implemented everyone else's advice, then I would be planning their wedding and not my fiancé's and mine.


Why is my wedding making everyone ELSE insecure about their bodies?

As soon as my fiancé and I announced our engagement, there were a number of questions and comments we heard over and over and over again. But I was very surprised to hear this comment repeatedly: "Uh-oh, if you're having a wedding that means I really have to start changing my body so I can be there!" I've done a lot of thinking about why people just attending a wedding feel the need to change their bodies. Understanding their reasons has helped me figure out how to best communicate to my friends and family that I love them just the way they are, and that they shouldn't feel the need to change for me…


The unexpected benefits of "getting legalled" before our wedding

The impetus behind our legalling came upon us quite unexpectedly: I became aware of a scholarship available to military spouses. The catch: I wouldn't become a military spouse until my after the deadline to apply for the scholarship had passed. So we got legalled. As expected, having the ability to now apply for this scholarship is a wonderful thing. But something completely unexpected happened through this experience that I did not anticipate.