Chic-as-hell vintage lamps as centerpiece decor

Vanessa and Octavia had their industrial garden party wedding at the super industrial-chic venue, Tap Architecture in Oklahoma City. Our favorite part was their centerpiece decor that made their already gorgeously rough interior even more vintage-fabulous. The pair re-painted and re-covered all the lamps and lampshades used as centerpieces, cut custom fabric as table runners, and collected old books as decor. It was a labor of love that made us swoon for the homey vibe.


Behold the vintage-chic decor at this industrial garden party wedding

Vanessa and Octavia had their industrial garden party wedding at the super industrial-chic venue, Tap Architecture in Oklahoma City. Vanessa wore a stunning Mexican-inspired wedding gown (a nod to her heritage) complete with flowers in her hair and a wildflower bouquet put together by friends. Octavia wore a short contemporart dress and a giant flower fascinator that we LOVED. Don't miss the crafty vintage decor!


6 industrial chic wedding ideas that are turning our cranks

We are digging this whole industrial chic wedding trend. We already knew we loved rustic weddings and steampunk weddings, but industrical chic weddings brings some serious legit grit to a wedding theme. And when you're being indudated with glitter and pastels and sweetness and light, sometimes you need a little edge, amirite?

Let's explore the world of industrial chic weddings in the form of killer venues, underground Mad Max-style weddings, reclaimed wedding decor, and perfectly "ugly" outdoor spaces.


You'll dig this bacon, beards, and brews wedding styled shoot

The Striped Pig Distillery in Charleston, SC was the eclectic backdrop for this killer styled shoot. We're talking an industrial feel with fauna-themed decor, gold accents, rustic wood, huge stills, and cozy nooks. The florals and fashion are giving us happy feels all over the place. The theme was bacon, beards, and brews, which is basically my perfect day come to life. Let's peek at the bride's gorgeous lacy dress, flower crown, and the groom's retro-inspired vest suit. Don't miss the many forms of SO.MUCH.BACON.


Sadie & Devin's heartfelt queer wedding at a historic brewery

Two brides, a custom suit, a lavender dress, and DIYed decor, all wrapped up in a shared donut eating at the end make this wedding as sweet as sugar. But their tale of woe turned whoa in their venue selection is a scene-stealer in this wedding in Seattle.


Allison & Chris' post-apocalyptic carnival 75 feet underground

First we've got midway games, fire performances, and balloon animals. Then there's an underground cold war museum bunker, Fallout-themed decor, and post-apocalyptic catering. It's a fusion of carnival and the apocalypse that we can totally get behind! That doesn't even cover the fabulously redesigned heirloom dress and 3D-printed rings. And just wait until you see what happened with the helicopter ring delivery.