A chat with Chicago photographer Emma Mullins (& why I chose her to capture my own wedding!)

Some of y'all may know that I recently got married in Chicago! It's been such a fun time to look back and reminisce about the wedding day, and that's been especially easy to do since we got our photos and video from our amazing photographer, Emma Mullins Photography.

I asked Emma to answer a few questions so that we could get to know her a bit better and understand why she's such a wizard with a camera and ALLLL about her new videography business. Spoiler: the video we received brings us to tears EVERY TIME we re-watch it. Let's meet the maker of all this magic…


A whimsical & intimate pop culture wedding in Chicago? As you wish

Offbeat Bride's Executive Editor got married! Catherine and her husband Steven share a ton of geeky and pop culture interests so it made sense to infuse fun references, soundtrack themes, and fandom homages into their whimsical, pop culture-themed wedding in Chicago. It was held at a West Loop venue with a feast, an ice cream cart, a Hogwarts Great Hall photo booth, and dancing awkwardly into the night.

Don't miss the bride's custom dyed ombre unicorn dress!


A chic & macabre Halloween wedding at the International Museum of Surgical Science

Sayjal and Steve got married at the gorgeous, fascinating, and sometimes macabre venue in Chicago that I LOVE: The International Museum of Surgical Science. So their Chicago Halloween wedding took on a whole new level of intrigue in this space.

Their guests brought the house down with spectacular costumes while Sayjal and Steve rocked vintage gothic looks. Don't miss the bride's


Celebrate Harry's birthday today with a most magical Harry Potter bridal shower

On this day ins 1980, a wizard named Harry Potter was born. To honor his birthday, we're sharing this MAGICAL Harry Potter bridal shower in Itasca, Illinois. Danielle and Gabe wanted to share their love of Harry Potter with their friends and family and they nailed it. Don't miss the Hogwarts letter-inspired backdrop, golden chocolate snitches, and spooky magical greenery…