Is this bridal enough?: The great WHITE lie

I am feeling the pressure to "give in" to a gown in the white family, like ivory or eggshell. Few people are immediately dismissive of a non-white dress, but over time they begin saying things like, "How will we know who the bride is?" and, "You will look like you're going to prom!" and everything in between. It's started to seep into the more doubtful and anxious parts of me and I start to wonder — "is this BRIDAL enough?"


"It's your day" as a myth, in the anthropological sense

As an anthropologist, Shrubby observes patterns of behavior for a living. So, of course she couldn't help herself from using this finely-honed skill as she explores the wilds of wedding culture. In this guest post, Shrubby breaks down the idea of the "it's your day" mythology and its implications and uses during wedding planning.


Finally owning that I'm a more traditional bride: You are awesome and so am I

Offbeat Bride (both the book and the site) changed me a lot. I became more comfortable with who I am. I discovered fashions and subcultures that I had never known existed, but now love. I learned how to deal with stress, with family, with my own doubts. But because of this fabulous place, I also developed one of my biggest doubts about the wedding: was it going to be offbeat enough?


The F word

I'm putting this out there because I believe I can't be the ONLY ONE to have felt this way. Okay, here's the deal: I hate the word "fiance." So my husband and I came up with some alternative ways to refer to each other during our engagement. Feel free to adopt them!