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Having a bridentity crisis? Not sure what this whole wedding thing means when it comes to who you are as a person? Let’s work through some identity issues together. (Also, you may want to check out the book The Conscious Bride, which addresses a lot of personal identity issues related to wedding planning.)

Let’s talk about labels and self-identifying

Over the last couple months we’ve gotten comments from well-intentioned readers concerned about how we title and label the Real Offbeat Weddings on Offbeat Bride…

What does being a bride feel like?

“So, what do you do if you don’t FEEL like a bride? I don’t know what to do; I want my man (I’m madly, head over heels in love), I want a wedding (I love parties and I love planning), but I just haven’t felt like a bride…”

Offbeat Bride & diversity

I see a bazillion tattooed white women, but very few Black punk brides, goth Asian brides, geeky Latina brides, etc. Where are all the Offbeat Brides of color?

When people don’t think you’re excited enough about your wedding

I do not feel squealy and elated when I talk about my wedding, and this seems to disappoint (and sometimes even upset) other people. How can I address others’ unsolicited wedding enthusiasm without seeming negative or rude?