Angela & Chandler had a sweet Oregon elopement with an Idaho reception

This pair was able to plan an elopement long-distance to a place they'd never been just for the adventure. After that it was a Basque-themed reception in Idaho for their friends and family. Don't miss the bride's multiple dresses, the adorable photos after the ceremony, and retro details everywhere. Oh, and wait until you hear what happened to their cakes!


Brandi & Jonah's pinwheels and cheesecake state park wedding

The details in this wedding are ultra fun: pinwheels, a crocheted bouquet and boutonnieres, lawn games in the park, a purty ring puppy… not to mention a Mexican buffet and a meaningful cheesecake! Yep, meaningful. You'll see why. This bride completely battled through a new diagnosis to get through wedding planning, and her love and perseverance shine. Plus, she has some advice for taking on the haters that any of ya'll can use.


Lenore & Andrew's "Young At Heart" Park Wedding

Lenore & Andrew aren't quite ready to grow up. So they used A LOT of bright colors, kids' toys and games to help decorate. AND they had their wedding ceremony ON a jungle gym in a park! Then after they exchanged rings, they slid down the slide to end their ceremony.