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Festival-style wedding as seen on @offbeatbride #boho #bohemian #weddings

We fell hard for this festival-style bohemian wedding in Australia

Hula hoops, a bouncy castle, coffee martinis out of a Combi, and one of our very favorite flower print handmade dresses — this wedding made us fall SO hard. The colorful wedding party, dried flower aisle, performances by friends, and total music festival vibe makes this bohemian wedding magical. Don’t miss the ye olde bounce house commandments, too!

A swing dance wedding on an island (with a Bitcoin unity ceremony!)

A purple mane, a swing dance theme, and lots of little elements of this pair like Futurama, Scrabble, Burning Man, and bunnies. Get ready for moonlit boat rides, a bonfire, and of course, a swing dance-themed first dance complete with hula hoops. But the most intriguing part was their Bitcoin Blockchain unity ceremony. Now that’s a first for us!

Betsy & Tiffany’s queer Southern glitter circus wedding

Red and blue and DIY all over — these two ladies know how to throw a stylish and entertaining wedding! They included all of their talented community — performers and bakers alike — and their tribute to what their specific type of marriage means to them is tear-inducing and spot-on. And you MUST see one of the bride’s mom’s awesome, newly acquired aerialist skills! She’s one bad-ass mother.

Leslie & Stevan’s roller skating hula hooping pumpkin-filled Hallowedding

Hula hoops, foosball, and roller skates… oh my! This is one game-happy Halloween wedding. Add in the chic lollipop bouquet, the sequined shoes, and the bedazzled pumpkins, and it’s a pretty gorgeous wedding, too. Plus, you’ll never guess who convinced the couple to embrace the Halloween theme.

Stacey & Brandon’s retro sci-fi atompunk wedding

Danger, Will Robinson! This wedding has too much retro sci-fi style to be contained! We’re talking a science museum venue, guests in sci-fi gear (with matching DIY tin foil hats!), constellation cupcakes, and spooky-awesome fog! Oh, and let’s not forget the famous Randy to the Rescue dress. Resistance is futile.

Rowan & Peter’s permaculture Beltane handfasting in the woods

A Beltane wedding in the forest surrounded by intricate and lovely craft projects turned spiritual wedding decor — this is magical, indeed. The community collaborated on the whole thing with potluck food, a “cupcake brigade,” decoupaged lace lights, a love altar, and handmade accessories. Oh, and don’t forget that the bride made her own Victorian-inspired dress!